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Connectivity solutions for every industry

Designed to meet a variety of connectivity needs, and every communication challenge.


Timely, high bandwidth, secure tactical communications for global forces

New-space economy

Both commercial and military satellite-based communication networks

Telecommunications providers

Near-term demand from telecom companies to upgrade backhaul infrastructures and provide redundancies in the network


Mid-term demand from industrial factories and warehouses to meet future automation and AI and ML implementation

Space-to-ground for LEO, MEO and GEO missions

Our advanced Optical Ground Stations are designed to revolutionize communication and tracking capabilities in the realm of space technology.


Ruggedized Optical Ground Stations delivering reliable Space Domain Awareness in harsh environments with observations in close proximity to the Sun — day or night, 24/7.


Satellite to air optical links to enable the customers connectivity where higher throughput capacity is required.


Optical communications link between airborne terminals for remotely piloted/autonomous aircraft and swarm applications.


Enable connectivity among a LEO satellite networks constellation, to ensure continuous, real time connectivity and data sharing within the constellation.

Seamless all-domain mesh connectivity​

Seamless and reliable communication between spacecraft, satellites, and ground stations, ensuring vital data transmission and enabling efficient collaboration across missions.

Ground Terminals

OGT and OGS Terminals Coming

FSO Terminals

Space and Airborne Terminals Coming