Architecting communications
for a data-driven future

Communications that operate at the speed of light – connecting BridgeComm’s fixed and mobile OGT’s seamlessly to space and airborne lasercom terminals.


Integrated LaserComm with SSA/SDA for Real Time Operations Environment

BridgeComm is rapidly facilitating the next evolution of fully integrated remote operated 24/7/365  operations centers for laser communications with SSA/SDA capabilities. 

BCI works with trusted US vendors and teammates to build systems with unmatched specifications in the industry and communications speeds between 2.5 Gbps to 1Tbps, Modem Agnostic Systems, Hot-Swappable SSA Benches and highly interoperable software to name just a few of the systems traits. 


Empowering government, business, and the new space economy

From concept to prototype to reality, we are bringing our OGT and OGS technology to market, to empower the future of connectivity. Whether it’s Ground to Space or Air to Ground communications, BCI has the solution.


Unparalleled bandwidth and security for mission critical operations

  • SDA Phase 2 contract  awarded in 2021
  • U.S. government program of record for multiple optical ground stations
  • Field demonstrated Navy in 2021


Groundbreaking solutions to support space-based connectivity applications

  • Initial Spacecraft DTE terminal launched in 2017 to ISS
  • Additional Terminals and Modems awarded in by AFRL in 2019
  • IC program space DTE terminal delivered 2021


Limitless connectivity to transform industries and empower individuals

  • Demonstrated first 100Gbps point to point solution for telecom in 2020

Communications without limitation

BridgeComm is preparing now to meet the demands for greater communications infrastructure, tomorrow. As technology evolves, the thirst for seamless connectivity grows. The future demands a new level of data infrastructure capable of supporting the ever-expanding needs of the human race – without constraints of spectrum, speed, cost, or fiber deployments. 


Greater Resilience

Lower probability of detection or interception

Highly secure

Meets stringent requirements of government and space

Increased Bandwidth

More than 10-100X greater bandwidth with less interference


As CEO and initial co-founder of BridgeSat, (BridgeComm) Joseph has overseen its growth from infancy, investments and productization to deploy the world’s first global space to ground free space optical laser network. Joseph is an aerospace veteran and entrepreneur, with Top Secret SCI access and more than 30 years of experience in the DoD, National Security Space and Intel community.


Mr. Campagna works directly with the DoD, National Reconnaissance Office, US Space Force and other agencies to directly impact the future of space warfare and intelligence.  With direct access in classified environments, he has insight and influence into current and new space technology programs and supports the development of new requirements.


Following his service in the USAF and 15 years with Iridium and Orbital Sciences, he founded Global Ground Systems, a Veteran Owned Small Business, as CEO and Chief Architect. Campagna developed satellite and ground systems for Thales Alenia Space for the Iridium Next Satellite Development; lead ATK Space Systems development for ViViSat (MEV) Network Operations; and designed and delivered the newest mobile tactical ground station (KEGS) for the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command under the Kestrel Eye Program.

Joseph holds Bachelor’s Degree from University of Maryland in Aerospace Engineering Management and a Leadership Certificate from University of Virginia Darden School of Business. He is also recognized as an expert and Certified US Export Compliance Officer (CUSECO) from the US State Department. He is an American Legion Lifelong member, joining in 1989, and is an Associate Life Member of the USAF Combat Control Association.