Introducing a new communications infrastructure, built for the future

Putting our cutting-edge research into practice by introducing an innovative suite of OGT/OGS optical products that enable optical connectivity with ease and flexibility.

About BridgeComm

Our optical communications architecture is designed to enhance global connectivity for governments, enterprises, telecom providers, and the new space economy – enabling humans and machines to connect with unlimited flexibility wherever data resides.

Our investors

Architecting communications for a data-driven future, BridgeComm maintains strategic partnerships and collaborates with industry giants, government agencies, and space organizations.


Join the team that is leading an evolution of communications infrastructure.

BridgeComm fosters a collaborative and forward-thinking environment where creativity and teamwork thrive. We strive to elevate and advance diverse representation as we create the digital communications infrastructure for the future.

Our team is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that supports our goals of making the intangible tangible. Together, let’s remove limits on human connectivity.