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Bridgesat and Nasa Sign Space Act Agreement for Laser Communications

Washington D.C. – Satellite 2018 –  (March 12, 2018 ) – BridgeSat today announced an industry-first agreement with NASA designed to develop a commercialized laser-based free space optical communication system that could support the agency’s future missions as they transition to optical communications. The reimbursable agreement is the latest milestone in BridgeSat’s mission to revolutionize global communications with a free-space optical network for low earth orbit (LEO) satellites that’s faster and less expensive than traditional radio frequency (RF) solutions.

BridgeSat will work with NASA’s Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate and the Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) program within the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate on a reimbursable basis. The agreement has several major benefits, features and milestones:

NASA will help BridgeSat refine its system design, meet the agency’s requirements for interoperability and achieve compliance with FAA regulations.

BridgeSat will work with NASA personnel to support terminals aboard the agency’s future spacecraft.

The agreement provides NASA with next-generation technologies quicker and at significantly lower cost than if the agency developed them entirely on its own.

A ground station demo will be complete by late 2018, with in-orbit testing finished by May 2019.

“This industry-first agreement is a strategic win not only for NASA and BridgeSat, but also for the other government agencies and businesses that could benefit from our technology once it’s commercialized,” said Barry Matsumori, BridgeSat CEO. “Together, we’re meeting the global need for secure, reliable satellite communications for mission-critical and bandwidth-intensive applications.”

“BridgeSat is pioneering tomorrow’s space communications technologies, making the company an ideal partner for enabling our future missions,” said Dr. Hossin Abdeldayem, Senior Technology Manager NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. “This partnership helps ensure that NASA is equipped to meet its needs faster and more cost-effectively than traditional procurement methods. My team and I look forward to working with BridgeSat.”

About BridgeSat

BridgeSat is enabling the future of space using optical communications solutions through a global network of ground stations and space terminals.  These systems will enable high bandwidth solutions for unique applications as well as complement RF in hybrid networks.  BridgeSat has further developed applications for LEO and GEO satellite systems.

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