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BridgeComm Unveils A New Brand, Website And Digital Presence

New branding highlights commitment to transforming connectivity and communication in an increasingly interconnected world 

Denver, Colo., September 6, 2023 – BridgeComm, a global leader in free space optical wireless communications, today announced the launch of its new brand, website and digital presence. The effort is part of BridgeComm’s strategic initiative as it moves from a research-driven organization to a leading product driven player in the communications market. The company will focus on its mission to transform global communications infrastructure for an increasingly data-driven future, while continuing to offer its existing optical wireless connectivity solutions, including the AstroBridge and TerraBridge product lines.  

The BridgeComm online brand now aligns with the company’s future vision, and emphasizes its innovative, forward-looking approach, by showcasing its existing highly mobile, rapidly deployable point-to-point and point-to-multipoint optical wireless product solutions. It also highlights the company’s focus on enhancing the future of global connectivity through an advanced, flexible and unlimited communications architecture that will leverage its patented point-to-multipoint technology. 

“BridgeComm is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of connectivity to meet the data-driven demands of the future, enabling seamless optical wireless connectivity for organizations worldwide,” said Michael Abad-Santos, CEO at BridgeComm. “Our enhanced brand, logo, visual identity and online presence reflect our commitment to innovation, and goal to revolutionize the way we connect and communicate in a rapidly evolving world.”  

BridgeComm’s new website will serve as a catalyst for strengthening existing partnerships, attracting new customers, and increasing brand visibility in key markets across the globe – with a focus on innovation and seamless connectivity.  

AstroBridge and TerraBridge solutions are available today for use by governments, enterprises, telecom providers, and new space economy customers. 

Visit the new BridgeComm website to learn more:  

About BridgeComm  

BridgeComm is a global leader in free space optical wireless communications, taking its proven point-to-point solutions to new heights with highly-mobile, rapidly-deployable point-to-multipoint broadcast optical wireless communications. Our optical communications architecture is designed to enhance global connectivity for governments, enterprises, telecom providers, and the new space economy, enabling unlimited flexibility for humans and machines to connect wherever data resides. With our focus on innovation and commitment to seamless connectivity, BridgeComm is revolutionizing the way we connect and communicate in a rapidly evolving world. Learn more at:, and follow on LinkedIn, and on Twitter: @bridgecomm_inc 

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