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Bridgecomm And Taj Quantum Demonstrate Next Evolution Of Connectivity

Companies Partner to Create Industry-First Post-Quantum Attack-Resistant Optical Wireless and Smart Contracts-Based Network

DENVER, Colo., May 16, 2023 – BridgeComm, the company facilitating the next evolution of connectivity through multipoint optical wireless communications, and Taj Quantum, the leading provider of future-forward cybersecurity solutions, successfully demonstrated the next evolution of connectivity and announced a partnership to develop the industry’s first distributed ledger-based post-quantum attack-resistant (PQR) network tunnels over an optical wireless link.

The solution leverages Taj Quantum’s blockchain-based smart contract authentication, and will send the PQR encrypted data over BridgeComm’s point-to-multipoint free space optical wireless communications (FSOC) infrastructure. Together, the companies successfully demonstrated the network will offer data rates of more than seven gigabits per second and 10 concurrent individually PQR encrypted user sessions. In addition, the companies demonstrated dynamic resizing of multiple concurrent PQR encrypted users’ tunnels during atmospheric turbulence.

The partnership marks a significant milestone in the field of optical wireless communications that paves the way for the development of a new-generation of secure, rapidly deployable and reliable telecommunication networks. The partnership also allows BridgeComm to now make its multi-point optical wireless communications infrastructure capable of fault-tolerant, multi-user, PQR-encryption.

With the threat of cyber-attacks becoming increasingly prevalent, this technology will offer commercial industries and government users high-speed, reliable, resilient data transmission.

“The ability to create post-quantum attack-resistant network tunnels combined with blockchain-based authentication over an optical wireless link is a significant achievement in the field of secure communication,” said Michael Abad-Santos, CEO, BridgeComm.”This partnership now enables our clients to create secure software-defined networks and enable enterprise users to build virtualized network functions, orchestration, analytics, and automation.”

“We are excited to partner with BridgeComm to create a secure and reliable network infrastructure that is powered by the latest in telecommunications and blockchain technology,” said Paul Lilly, CEO, Taj Quantum. “Our smart contract-based authentication and authorization system provides a scalable solution that complements BridgeComm’s optical wireless technology. Together, we can provide a new level of security and reliability to our clients.”

Taj Quantum’s Blockchain-based solution provides a distributed identity store (DID), allowing for more dynamic management of users. It also provides the basis for rich access control and security utilizing smart contracts for policy-based access control, authentication and authorization.

About BridgeComm, Inc.

BridgeComm is leading the next evolution of communications utility through highly-mobile, rapidly-deployable free space optical wireless communications (FSOC). BridgeComm’s multipoint optical communications architecture is meant to enhance global connectivity solutions for space-based companies, government, and mobile networks – enabling humans and machines to interact without limitation. BridgeComm is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

For more information about BridgeComm and its products and services, visit and follow on LinkedIn and Twitter @BridgeComm_Inc.

About Taj Quantum

Taj Quantum is the leading provider of smart contract-based authentication and authorization solutions, providing a scalable and secure platform for the creation of decentralized applications. Taj Quantum’s advanced technology has been used by a range of industries, including finance, healthcare, and logistics.

For more information about Taj Quantum, and its products and services, visit

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