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BridgeComm Appoints Paul Searcy as Chief Scientist

Expert in complex optical systems to lead innovation and discovery for optical wireless communications pioneer

August 17, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE) – BridgeComm, Inc., a leader in optical wireless communications (OWC) solutions and services, today announced that Paul Searcy has been appointed as the company’s chief scientist. With more than three decades of expertise in complex optical systems and free-space communication technologies, Searcy will help BridgeComm develop its OWC solutions in both the commercial and government sectors, including mesh networks supported by managed optical communications array (MOCA) technology.

“There could not be a better candidate for our chief scientist role than Paul,” says BridgeComm CEO Barry A. Matsumori. “Over the three years he has been with BridgeComm, we have recognized his remarkable skills and leadership capabilities. A world-class engineer and scientist, he has the kind of deep industry knowledge and experience that will further BridgeComm’s mission to expand communications through the language of light. We are proud to name Paul to this important position.”

Searcy joined BridgeComm in August 2017 as its principal research and development engineer. His career has spanned numerous key roles over 31 years in the optical communications systems field. Searcy served 15 years as vice president of research and development at Meadowlark Optics—a designer, developer and manufacturer of optical polarization systems and components—developing new product lines and metrology tools. Previously, he worked in optical engineering positions for companies such as Picolight, Displaytech and ThermoTrex. Searcy earned his master’s degree in non-mechanical beam steering and optically addressed spatial light modulation at University of Colorado, Boulder, and serves as a board member for the Colorado Photonics Industry Association.

“It is a privilege to be part of a fast-growing company at the forefront of supporting not only terrestrial networks and 5G connectivity but also airborne and space OWC for prominent applications such as intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and backhaul,” says Searcy. “I look forward to many more years with BridgeComm as we work to realize the full potential of OWC and MOCA technology.”

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BridgeComm, Inc. is a global leader in optical wireless communications solutions and services. Using a wireless technology offering rapid point-to-point and point to multi-point data transmissions via beams of light, BridgeComm supports a number of applications. Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) can augment RF, fiber and mmWave technologies to support applications ranging from space communications, terrestrial networks including 5G connectivity, and airborne missions. Through a global network of optical ground stations designed to support complementary fixed and mobile terminals, the company provides support for space and airborne programs. More information can be found at

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